ecommerce development About the project Date 8 October 2020 Client Casey Category eCommerce Development Tags Design View Project OneBreed Casey came to me with a problem, he was having issues with his website which after a quick look was not optimized, responsive, and fast. The general feel of the website was not of an e-commerce […]

Eclipse Notify

web design About the project Date 4 November 2020 Client Chris Category Web Design Tags Design View Project Eclipse Notify When Chris found me he had a non-responsive website that only worked on a desktop, which is terrible for both SEO and Accessibility, so we both came to the conclusion that redoing the website in […]

Pandora Hosting

UI/UX Design About the project Date 16 November 2020 Client Benjamin Category UI/UX & Web Design Tags Conversions View Project Pandora Hosting Benjamin came to with his website, it looked great, it was responsive but there were some user experience errors, the major one being that the website wasn’t fulfilling the purpose that it was […]