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8 October 2020
eCommerce Development

Casey came to me with a problem, he was having issues with his website which after a quick look was not optimized, responsive, and fast. The general feel of the website was not of an e-commerce store.

After a few meetings, we decided on completely redoing the website switching from Shopify to WordPress and WooCommerce. I chose to switch over because of the lack of easy design adjustability that Shopify offers, you are either stuck with a costly theme or one of their basic ones, completely designing a new theme was not in their budget.

Below you can view some pages of the finished product.

Responsive web design is what matters today

It is important that your website works on all devices, recent studies show that every year more and more users visit websites on their mobile device rather than their tablet or home desktop, in 2018 — 48% of web traffic came from mobile devices, and that amount is rapidly growing. (Source: Statista)