I help my clients bring their business online or help them expand

It is important that your website works on all devices, recent studies show that every year more and more users visit websites on their mobile device rather than their tablet or home desktop, in 2018 — 48% of web traffic came from mobile devices, and that amount is rapidly growing. (Source: Statista) 

a range of web services

I offer a range of
web-related services

HTML/CSS Development

Visualizing your idea on a fresh website crafted just for you and your project. HTML & CSS is the code language used in all websites.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to easily edit content without any advanced coding knowledge needed.

eCommerce Development

Building a webshop integration into your existing website or building a new one, webshops are more and more important to attract customers.

Questions you might also have
Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer that every website is different and is charged differently, but usually my clients pay me around $150 to $600 for their project.

I try to finish every project as quickly as possible, usually it takes around 1-2 weeks for the project to be finalized.

The website will be transfered to your hosting enviroment and will be yours. I can also host the website and offer support for a low monthly fee.